“It’s a Rebuilding Year”

“It’s a rebuilding year.” I’ve heard my husband use that phrase countless times since the beginning of this year, referring to the school orchestras. With so many talented graduating high school seniors, and the aftermath of online learning and COVID complications, the future of his orchestra program is going to look different. It’s going toContinue reading ““It’s a Rebuilding Year””

It’s Your Story

  I was laying down in my bed after a pretty tough day (definitely not the day pictured here). Not a typical tough day, but one that put me face-to-face with my uncertainty, comparison, and struggles with doubt within my mind. I grabbed my iPad and began to read one of the books I’m currentlyContinue reading “It’s Your Story”

At-Home Fitness Tips

Unless you’re preferred method of moving your body is walking or running, and where you live happens to be nice and sunny most of the time, you’re probably feeling pretty limited on what you can do to stay active. Jumping jacks? Pace your house while you talk to Grandma? Whatever works, am I right?  Continue reading “At-Home Fitness Tips”

The Burden of Control

I told my fiancé the other night, “I hate feeling like everything is out of control in my life!” That has been the biggest desire of my heart the last year. This is my post (my post, dangit!! just kidding…). So I’m allowed to give myself the benefit of the doubt in mentioning that thisContinue reading “The Burden of Control”

April’s Best – Honest Favorites and Discoveries

April is almost over. While I know that quarantine has felt like forever and a day, the weeks still seem to fly to me. This is the sure mark of “getting older”… I have seen my fair share of “favorites” round-ups, mostly videos actually. Some of these favorites I’m sharing are new discoveries this month,Continue reading “April’s Best – Honest Favorites and Discoveries”

You’re Either Growing or Dying

There are two very different sides I see being promoted in our current reality. How to live your “best life”. Some people say it’s using this time, where we have nothing to do anyway, and actually accomplish the things we’ve always wanted to do. Drop 20 pounds. Deep clean your whole house. Transform into theContinue reading “You’re Either Growing or Dying”

4 Practical Ways to Combat Worry

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably feeling anxious in this season. Maybe you’re anxious about how this crazy virus has impacted your job. Maybe you are worried about how you are going to entertain you kids around the house for yet another day. Maybe your fridge is empty, and you’re dreading going to theContinue reading “4 Practical Ways to Combat Worry”

Dear COVID-19 Brides,

When I got engaged back in December, I was invited by one of my friends to this online wedding group, The Wedding Connection. It is a black hole, people. It’s like Pinterest. Once you start scrolling, it’s hard to get out. There are so many great ideas! And they are given so freely by thoseContinue reading “Dear COVID-19 Brides,”

Sister, It’s Ok to Change Your Mind

(in fact, you should!) I talk myself out of a lot of things. I’m one to start something, and unless I feel SUPER strongly about it, or have to, I normally forget about it, or abandon the idea, or activity. Unfinished journals Half-eaten bags of health foods in my pantry Households surfaces still covered inContinue reading “Sister, It’s Ok to Change Your Mind”

I Put Butter in My Coffee

(so you don’t have to) What an interesting turn of events. I’ve knocked the keto diet for a lonnnnggg time. Ever since I had heard about it. “So it’s a carnivore diet with butter coffee, right?” That was my perception. I am not saying I’ve gone keto, by any means. I love veggies and fruit,Continue reading “I Put Butter in My Coffee”