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Unless you’re preferred method of moving your body is walking or running, and where you live happens to be nice and sunny most of the time, you’re probably feeling pretty limited on what you can do to stay active.

Jumping jacks?

Pace your house while you talk to Grandma?

Whatever works, am I right?


But for those who work a sedentary job, only to spend their off hours on the couch in the other room, may be feeling like their activity level is a little lackluster.

I feel you!

I have come up with a few pieces of advice.


Walk with a Purpose

Is she really about to suggest walking…?

You bet I am!

But here’s the deal: have a goal with your walking. I find that my favorite walks (and longest walks!) are to fulfill a certain purpose. Sometimes I walk with my fiancé and we use it as our hang-out time. We work together, and sometimes we can spend all day with eachother, but not feel personally connected. Use your walk to call a friend or family member!

My last post was written entirely on the go. No, I was not driving. I was walking! My sense of accomplishment when I returned home was twofold. I can say confidently that when quarantine is over, and I am in the midst of the busy school year, I won’t have any excuses for putting off physical activity in the name of productivity. You will catch me on the treadmill answering work email in the future! Or you can feel free to call me on it.

One morning, I walked with a hot cup of coffee in my pajama joggers and a big hoodie. My purpose? To enjoy my dang morning!

It. was. awesome.


Utilize Free Resources

I have found SO many free, high quality work-out videos on Youtube. What are you interested in? HIIT? Resistance training? Targetting a specific muscle group? Dancing? You will find it!

Here’s how NOT to use these resources. Don’t put the first one you see up on your TV to try. This will feel awkward…but take the time to preview the exercise videos, or diagrams, you think you’d like to do. I did this. Yup, I sat there, eating a snack, watching other people work out. Ha! It was pretty ironic.

Hear me out. You do not want to try something new, get part way into it, and then feel defeated. Make conservative estimates as to what you think you can accomplish. If it’s too easy, you have confidence to move on to something new! If it’s way too hard for where you’re at, your humbling experience may prevent you from doing it again.

I found a lower ab circuit that I just was NOT ready for. Tough stuff. But that was after I had completed two other at-home workouts that I felt good about. It’s ok to know the areas in which you need to grow, but let’s set ourselves up to succeed first. The new at-home protocol has a better chance of being sustainable that way.

Here is a playlist from some channels I have been liking:

Try Some New Gear!

Please don’t think that I’m suggesting that you need more “stuff” to be successful at this. Definitely not necessary.

However, for some, this could be the ideal time to try out that pair of shoes, that home gym set-up, or some new fitness gadget you’ve been investigating!

As I mentioned in the past, I am loving my new Garmin watch. So I won’t go much into that. It was very much time for an upgrade. I have had fun playing with that.

This is not a new thing, but RESISTANCE BANDS.

I thought I hated them because I bought a pack of three a few years ago. They were the Gold’s Gym brand, flat, and too long to fit snuggly to my thighs. They also pulled my skin because they were just stretchy, and not coated with anything. Not comfy. Not a fan.


I recently gave my fiancé’s resistance set a try, and they are SO much better. They are C9 Champion brand, tube-shaped, with handles. These are so versatile, and I have been using these in place of the weight-lifting I would do at the gym.


For the legs and #bootygainz (still waiting on those), I love my Mari Fitness band. It was designed for the very purpose of toning your bum. It is a great size, doesn’t roll, and doesn’t pull the skin. Again, there are many demonstrations on how to effectively use it.




Consider YOUR Goals

As we’re surfing Instagram, in search of free resources, or inspiration, it’s easy to find someone with your ideal body shape or fitness level and just want to copy everything they do. If I use Whitney Simmons’ macros, Maddie Lymburner’s workouts, and Marisa Chaela’s top tips, I’m inevitably going to look like a mixture of all three, right??


Your height is different. Your medical history is different. Your lifestyle is different. Your genetics are. different.

You can train like the pros all day long and not look like them.

Strive to set personal goals, and take steps to tackle those specific to you. Try to be the best YOU can be. That is what you’re investing in with the energy you devote to fitness.


I hope you feel a little more encouraged, and a little less fearful when it comes to moving your body at home! I’d be curious to know what’s been keeping you motivated during these past couple months.



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