I Put Butter in My Coffee

(so you don’t have to)

What an interesting turn of events.

I’ve knocked the keto diet for a lonnnnggg time. Ever since I had heard about it.

“So it’s a carnivore diet with butter coffee, right?” That was my perception.

I am not saying I’ve gone keto, by any means. I love veggies and fruit, and I am not a perfect eater. I think that disqualifies me.

Let me explain how I arrived here:

From the summer of 2016 to the fall of 2018, I had been a hardcore vegan. It was 100% a selfish choice, as I resumed eating animal products when the health benefits I touted had seemingly worn off.

From fall 2018 to summer 2019, I was a vegetarian. I started having more health issues. My bloodwork was totally normal, maybe slightly low iron, but definitely not a big deal. But some unexplainable symptoms led me to add meat back into my diet. I was done restricting if I didn’t feel it was paying off, especially when it meant that it was harder to share meals with my boyfriend.

Fast forward to now and not a lot has changed in terms of my diet. Many dollars poured into tests. Two new medications, one for anxiety, that is seeming to make the most difference in my problematic symptoms. And several trips to my counselor- uber good for anyone struggling in this way, 100% recommended.

This past year of teaching, I have not been blessed with a lunch break, or the ability to eat while conducting a rehearsal, orrr a plan period within normal eating hours (probably illegal, but whatever…). I also travel between five different school buildings #orchestrateacherprobs. So I’ve had to get creative. But before that I complained about it a lot. Yup. Sigh..

I would eat a good-sized breakfast between 6:45 and 7:30am and be ready to EAT by the end of 8th Grade Orchestra – 9:40am. Most of the time, my stomach is making audible whale noises, that I’m sure the cello section can hear. I would eat snack #1 as I leave the parking lot for my next school. I would eat car snack #2 at 11:00am and then maybe snack #3 (depending on how filling the first two were) at 12:05pm. No joke, sometimes I would eat two protein bars for my mornings snacks #1 and #2. Then, at 1:10, while Daniel is getting our first high school class started, I’m warming up my real lunch in the office microwave. Sound excessive? I’d agree. I clearly have a satiation problem. Which brings us to this experiment…


What is this sorcery?

“Keto coffee”, as it is called, is meant to be used as a morning drink, to supply your body with energy and satiation to get you through fasted morning hours. This is a tactic used in the intermittent fasting community, where people will dedicate a window of time in their day to eat, with variations of their choosing. That is, if you’re fasting during the day? I need clarification on this…it is not meant to be consumed alongside your normal breakfast. I’m not getting too science-y here, but you can read more about that elsewhere. I’ve done a bit of reading and it’s quite interesting.

Anyway, here’s what is supposed to go in your morning beverage:

Coconut Oil or MCT Oil- supposedly aiding in fat loss

Grass-Fed Butter- full of Vitamin K2 and Omega 3 fatty acids

Coffee-ok, I can get behind this one

Heavy Whipping Cream – optional

Optional Flavoring- sugar-free of course

Apparently with the correct ratios of these ingredients, you’re left with a foamy, filling latte-like creation. I’m down.

So I normally take my coffee black, unless I’m getting a latte out somewhere. For the past 3 weeks of social distancing, it’s just been black coffee. Therefore, I was scared and modified the recipe slightly. (I chickened out ok I’m sorry!)

Traditional Keto Coffee Recipe (this is from delish.com)

3 c. brewed coffee

4 tbsp butter

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp heavy cream

This supposedly makes two servings.

Claire’s Modified Recipe for Scaredy Cats

12 oz. brewed coffee (I used hazelnut coffee I had on hand)

1 tbsp grass-fed butter

4 oz. coconut milk

a splash of vanilla extract

This made an overflowing normal-sized coffee cup


Since I substituted coconut milk for coconut oil, I can’t claim the benefits of the coconut oil. This coconut milk has 7 grams of carborhydrates per cup, so with my half cup is this beverage really considered “keto” anymore? That I don’t know. But my experiment was to measure satiation. I’m not the keto police.

I put the ingredients in the ninja blender and blasted that sucker til it had a frothy consistency. Looked like a good latte to me!

First impression: “oh?…oh this is good…”

Within the first 10 minutes of drinking it, I didn’t feel like I needed to rush to get breakfast before my stomach makes whale noises, like it normally does.

Final observations: a little over an hour in, I am ready to eat. This is pretty unimpressive, given that the ingredients are supposed to provide hours of satiation. Could it be the excluded coconut oil that’s the ticket? I may have to follow up with another experiment. However, it had been 14 hrs since dinner before I had the coffee, and the coffee led me to the 15+hr mark. This was totally unintentional, as it is just the way my schedule worked out these past two days. Could this drink aid intermittent fasters? Sure seems like it.

If you’re feeling adventurous during quarantine, and craving a frothy latte, maybe give this a shot as you’re working from home. I can’t say I won’t make this again…


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