Social Distancing Date Ideas

My fiancé and I are “date people”. We are g00d at dates.

Dinner dates, movie dates, brewery dates, coffee/tea dates, work dates…

If it is an activity to be done, Daniel and I can make it a date.

I know most people don’t have the pleasure of their significant other being their co-teacher (which means already sharing every possible germ we could have), but with this virus going around, keeping us at either his house or my apartment, we’ve had to get creative.

1. Make a meal together

Whether you go full-on breakfast/lunch/dinner, or simply make a dessert, you get some bonding time, and something to eat when you’re done! I think over this season of social distancing, I’ve discovered he’s the better cook…

2.Movie Night In

Go through the movie collection, see what’s new on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, or whatever is available to you. There are also free concerts, and other performances, being made available since we’re all stuck at home. Daniel recently discovered the app Likewise. Its purpose is to help you choose movies and shows, without all the time spent scrolling through the options (guilty..). You are able to teach the app your interests, filter your search according to your own streaming services, and then it provides you with recommentdations! I haven’t watched any of my Likewise recommendations yet, but I do have a few movies saved for later.

3. Take a Walk, or a Hike!

Here in Missouri, the weather is beautiful during the day (most days). Take advantage of that! We are both online teachers for the time being, and it’s easy to sit on yo booty all day long in your comfy clothes (SO guilty). Wear layers, put your shoes on, and go explore.

4. Support local businesses

Order food to-go, or for delivery, from your favorite local restaurant, or one you’ve been wanting to try. It gives you a good sampling of different dishes (not just what you’ve stocked up on, and have been eating for days), and helps out those in the community that could be suffering from the lack of activity around town.

5. Tackle a project together

House project? Art project? Whatever your interests are, find something that you can both participate in. Spring cleaning has been a major to-do for both of us. Each area, closet, or box we go through and tidy, the more accomplished we feel. It’s easy to feel like you’ve accomplished nothing in a day when you’re stuck inside. Don’t make it too hard on yourself! Maybe do a few little things per day. It’s less overwhelming, and after about a week, you should be reaping the benefits of your gradual spring cleaning! Whether you two decide to make a mundane task like cleaning a group activity, or do something creative or thought-provoking, you’ll be able to celebrate together when you’re finished.

6. Game Night!

Get out those old board games. Learn a new card game! Or use your gaming console. This needs no further explanation.

If I’m honest, I have mourned the loss of our nights around town a time or two these past few weeks. It has taken some getting used to, and getting creative, but I’m thankful for how we’ve been finding ways to adapt.

Here are some additional tips:

1. Set a time. Choose a time to quit working from home (if that applies to you), and be fully present. We’re either both on our laptops, or we’re both not. It seems to work best when “date time” is scheduled.

2. Be open to new things. This may be a time to really dive into their world. Participate in what interests them. You may like a movie/game/project/whatever you would have never picked for yourself!

3. Share your experiences with others! Text your friends, share a photo on Instagram, check in on Facebook to the local restaurant that supplied your meal. We’re all in this together.

Keep the romance alive, frands ❤


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